is pigmentation of certain areas of the skin in dark brown or gray color. it is often affects facial areas that are exposed to sunlight, such as the forehead, cheeks, and also the upper lip, and it is also worth noting that people with higher melanin levels are more likely to get melasma, which means that people with brown or dark skin are more likely to develop melasma than others, and there are many health conditions that increase the possibility of melasma when exposed to sunlight, such as thyroid diseases or women who take birth control pills.

Reasons for the emergence of Melasma

In fact, doctors have not been able to understand the causes of the appearance of it until now, but doctors believe that the reasons for the appearance of it may be linked to the presence of a dysfunction in the cells of melanocyte responsible for skin color, so the increased activity of these cells may be one of the reasons for the emergence of it, and therefore People with dark skin color are more likely to develop it, and there are some factors that cannot be considered as a cause of the appearance of it, but its presence increases the likelihood of it occurring, including:
• Hormones change during the pregnancy process in women, hormonal therapy, or during the period when the birth control pill is taken.
• Sun exposure. Some of the medicines that are used for skin care, in the event that these drugs cause skin irritation.
• In addition to the fact that the genetic factor may be one of the reasons for the emergence of melasma, people who have relatives who have relatives whom suffered from melasma have an increased risk of melasma, but in general, the reasons for the emergence of melasma are not entirely clear at the present time.

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