Many people believe that proper cleaning of the mouth and teeth using the right brush and paste, along with dental floss is one of the best ways to avoid dental problems and gum infections. However, this method does not clean all areas of the oral cavity. It is therefore necessary to add mouthwash to the routine cleaning process twice a day as it reaches deep from the oral cavity. With a clean mouth, healthier teeth, avoiding gum infections and bad breath.

The importance of using mouthwash
The importance of using mouthwash lies in several aspects, the most important of which are:
• Anti-bad breath:
Many people use mouthwash in order to eliminate bad breath and get the same refreshed. As mentioned earlier, mouthwash contains effective substances that help cleanse the mouth and kill odor-causing bacteria.
• Reduce the chances of tooth decay:
Regular use of mouthwash helps to complete the cleaning process of the mouth and teeth thereby reducing the chances of developing tooth decay, especially types containing fluoride in their components, which strengthen the tooth enamel and reduce the formation of cavities.
• Prevent plaque buildup on teeth, and get rid of leftovers in the mouth:
The treatment using mouthwash can help remove leftovers and food particles from the mouth, so it is usually recommended to bandage using mouthwash after meals, and after brushing teeth. Mouthwash also prevents the accumulation of plaque layer from fatty substances on teeth and gums, as studies have shown that the use of the wash reduces plaque buildup by 52% more than using a brush to clean teeth and floss only.
• Reduce the chances of developing gum infections:
The constant use of mouthwash has been found to help reduce the chances of developing gum infections by 21% more than just using brush and floss alone.

With many types of mouthwash, focus on the ingredients it contains when choosing, although all types of wash refresh the smell of your mouth, some may do a better job than others.

There are a set of rules to consider when using mouthwash, to ensure the best results include:
• Always make sure to measure the correct amount of the bandage, as specified on the can.
• Dress for a full 30 seconds.
• If you use alcohol-containing mouthwash, do not use the wash more than twice a day, so that you do not have dry mouth and gums as a result.
• Refrain from eating and drinking for 30 minutes after washing until the active substances are functioning.
• Avoid swallowing the liquid.

You can consult your dentist at Ram clinics to inquire about the type of mouthwash that is right for you

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