Neck & shoulder pain

Neck & shoulder pain

Neck and shoulder pain Feeling pain in the neck is a common problem that many people complain of, as neck muscles can cramp due to uncomfortable positions, such as; Bending over to the computer, hunching over the back while sitting at the work table, and osteoarthritis; Which is represented by the erosion of the cartilaginous tissue located at the ends of the bones to protect them from friction with each other, it is also considered a common cause of feeling pain in the neck, and in rare cases neck pain may be linked to a more serious health problem, and here it is worth noting the need to seek immediate medical care in case the feeling Neck pain accompanied by numbness and loss of strength in the arms or hands, as well as in the event of suffering from shoulder pain or in the area under the arm. As for shoulder pain, it is represented by pain that occurs in the shoulder joint or the area around it, and the joint shoulder is the most mobile in the human body, due to the presence of the rotator cuff; It is a group consisting of four muscles and the accompanying tendons, and the rotator cuff enables the shoulder to perform a wide range of movements, and it should be noted that swelling, damage, or change that occurs in the bones around the rotator cuff can lead to a feeling of shoulder pain , As the person may feel pain when the arm is raised over the head or when it is moving forward or behind the back

 Causes of neck and shoulder pain:

There are many causes that lead to pain in the neck or shoulders, but the most common cause of this pain is exposure to a soft tissue injury, which includes muscles, tendons, and ligaments in these places, and here we mention more reasons that may cause pain in Neck and shoulder:

 A fracture of the collarbone: where people falling on their hands while outstretched can lead to a fracture of the collarbone, and it should be noted that this is particularly common for cyclists when they are subjected to falling from their bikes.

Bursitis: Bursa is a sac located over the joints that provides support to the joints and muscles. In fact, this bursa may become swollen, stiff, and painful after exposure to injuries.

Heart attacks: Although the health problem in this case is in the heart, it can cause pain in the shoulder or neck, and these pains often appear along with other symptoms of heart attacks, such as: Breathing, increased sweating, feeling sick, vomiting, and feeling arm or jaw pain, and this condition is known as referresd pain.

Fracture of the scapula: It is worth noting that the incidence of a scapula is often associated with relatively strong trauma. Rotator cuff tear: As mentioned above, the rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons that provide support for the shoulder, and these tendons can be torn during performing lifting operations, and when exercising, especially sports that are based on throwing, and these practices cause feelings Pain when moving the shoulder due to impingement syndrome in the shoulder that leads to the loss of a group of shoulder movements, where the shoulder becomes as if it is stiff or frozen in place.

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