Open bite

Open bite

Open bite

Open bite

This condition is defined as the distance between the upper and lower front teeth so that the upper teeth of the lower teeth do not reach. In the normal case,

the upper teeth should cover 2 to 3 mm of the lower jaw teeth.

This byte-byte or non-coverage can be due to wrong habits Like sucking a finger,

sucking a sucker and more. Although genetics can cause this condition,

the main cause of these defects is faulty absorption habits and physical pressure on the area

that causes the gap between these two rows of teeth.

The effect of this habit on soft and hard tissues depends on its duration and intensity.

This can delay the growth of some of the front and lower front teeth and cause the condition of Dupen Byte

or the open bite.

If the absorption habit is left before permanent teeth erupt before the age of five,

this condition will automatically disappear.

The simplest method of treatment is to break the habit of talking directly between the child and the dentist without parental presence. Another type of intervention is remembering.

This method is suitable for children who want to leave the habit but need help.

One of the simplest methods is to put a bandage with a waterproof adhesive on the finger.

Orthodontic treatment may be required if the patient continues to have these bad oral habits.

There is a distance between the front teeth

The gap between the upper and lower front teeth not only leads to an unpleasant appearance of the patient,

but also causes difficulty in eating,

breaking nuts and speaking problems so that the patient cannot pronounce the letter X,

sh and others. Posterior tooth wear, gum problems,

TMJ problem, and unpleasant appearance are other complications of this disorder.

Early treatment (before puberty) is very important to remove the open bite so that the patient can be easily treated with fixing

devices for moving orthodontics before puberty and fixed. Initially,

the mobile devices with tongue guard on the front teeth can treat this condition.

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