Patient No 31

Patient No 31

Korea learned of an increase in the number of infections with the beginning of the spread of the Corona virus, and took the largest number of confirmed infections outside China, before becoming and controlling the spread strongly of the virus, and that South Korea made great efforts to prevent the spread of the Corona virus since the beginning of the enemy, but it increased suddenly In the number of infections after recording the Patient No. 31 case in the country, the spread of the virus in South Korea has interfered with a Christian going in the church, and the authorities are thinking that the infection has spread between members of the sect during religious rites,

The preliminary Patient No 31 case was in South Korea, on January 20, and a woman who arrived in the capital, Seoul, which has about 25 million people, came from Wuhan, China, and officials at the time took strict measures to contain the virus, as the woman was quickly isolated.

After four weeks, confirmed cases in South Korea became 30 cases, which is less known than in other countries a month after the first case was identified, and contact was made to take action, so there are only a few cases in Seoul, but prevention of the spread of the virus was on He is about to step in another direction completely, and it is up to Patient No 31

The story of Patient No. 31 goes back to a woman who had a small car accident in the city of Daegu, which has a population of two million on February 6, the woman went to the hospital to be examined, and there the doctors had to do a coronavirus detection test because of her high fever, but she left Hospital, to go back to practice her routine life, where she went to the church, religious in the city, and there are many numbers of people, and she had lunch in a hotel buffet in the same period

In the days after that, the woman showed symptoms, and conducted a check to detect the Corona virus, which confirmed her infection, and in the days that followed, hundreds of cases in the church were infected with the Corona virus, which represented 80% of infections in the entire country and took the Korean Centers for Disease

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