When can pregnancy be performed after the quantization process?

 Is it possible to get pregnant safely, after gastric sleeve surgery?

The process of Sleeve gastrectomy  does not mean being unable to get pregnant, but there are many things that you should be aware of when considering pregnancy, after performing such an operation.


It is known that gastrectomy is a surgical procedure for slimming, as it does not lose weight, but it helps to maintain a healthy diet with no overeating, but some women may ask, is it possible to get pregnant safely? Is it possible to get pregnant after the quantization? What is the necessary period after the operation before pregnancy? Also, there are procedures followed after the process of Sleeve gastrectomy the stomach in the normal position, but they are different and more needed for women in pregnancy after the Sleeve gastrectomy , with which a special health system should be followed.


After the Sleeve gastrectomy, the woman must follow a diet while allowing the body a period of recovery, and it cannot be said that pregnancy after six months of Sleeve gastrectomy is completely safe without any risks because the body after the Sleeve gastrectomy process is in urgent need of recovery and rest and compensating for the lost of various nutrients and vitamins which It is necessary for the child’s development. The safest way to get pregnant after performing this operation is to wait for at least 18 months and that of course varies according to the cases and it is advised to go to the doctor to know what is appropriate for your condition, to allow the body to acclimate after the operation, until the state of weight loss stabilizes. While pregnancy is definitely considered safe and possible after gastric sleeve operation, it is necessary to take care of nutrition, because the pregnant body will provide the fetus with the nutrients entering it first, and this means that the child will get his needs first and then the mother.

Pregnancy damage:

Pregnancy and childbirth after gastric sleeve operation is much better and safer than pregnancy during obesity due to the risks that the mother may be exposed to during pregnancy. Studies show that women who underwent gastrectomy are more at risk and must be provided with full support during pregnancy and possible damage to work Sleeve gastrectomy during pregnancy, high blood sugar during pregnancy, or high blood pressure. Complications during pregnancy., Or premature birth., The possibility of a cesarean delivery., And a lack of nutritional supplements.

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