Ram Lands Your Dream

What is it ?

Ram Lands Your Dream competition is a free competition that includes everyone except the employees of the Ram Clinics Group and first-degree relatives. The competition duration is three months, starting from January 10, 2020, until March 2020.The first award announcement will be on January ,12, 2020 Various award include cars, iPhones, cash treatment vouchers, body laser, teeth whitening, filler, and more. In order to win, please read all terms and conditions and the mechanism of the competition

The Competition Mechanism:

1 - Daily posts will be posted for 90 days on social media (Instagram – Twitter).
2 - Every day, followers will comment and mention (@) three or more accounts and write the hashtag #Ram_lands_your_dreams in the same comment.
3 - The winner will be chosen from the competition post on Instagram, daily from Saturday to Thursday, while on Friday the winner will be chosen from the competition post on Twitter and in both cases the announcement will be on our Snapchat account.
4- The competition will start in 10/1/2020 and it will end in 10/3/2020 and the first draw will be in 12 1/1/2020

The gifts are as following:
- Full body laser sessions without belly, back and without retouch session.
- Filler sessions (Platero, Restalin, or Revanese).
- Teeth whitening sessions.
- Free treatment vouchers worth 2,500 riyals for each voucher.
- iPhone 11.
- Cars (Kia Sportage)

Prizes Draw Mechanism:

Winners will be announced daily on Snapchat app
Draw Mechanism as following:
- Cars Prizes Draw : The draw will be entitled for all the accounts participating in the car competition's posts and the cars prizes draw will be after one week of posting the car post , through a member of the Chamber of Commerce, and the winner will also be announced by a social media celebrity, the draw will be in one of the branches of Ram Medical Clinics group. The branch will be identified later by Ram Clinics.
- Daily Prizes Draw: Random draw will be made through the contest post via Instagram from Saturday to Thursday, except for Friday the random raffle will be made by the contest post via Twitter app.
Note that the draw will be aired on our Snapchat account.

Applications that the draw will be done through:

From (Instagram – Twitter) comments The Day
Instagram – Through making mention/hashtag #Ram_lands_your_dreams to three accounts or more. From Saturday till Thursday
Twitter – Through making mention/hashtag #Ram_lands_your_dreams to three accounts or more. Friday


Prize Delivery Mechanism:

Ram Lands Your Dream

After the draw for the winners is done, the winner will be contacted through the same account that he has won through it, and a copy of the ID card and the mobile number will be requested, and the winner will receive the prize in the main branch of al-Khobar, except for Jeddah, Yanbu, Jubail and Al-Ahsa the prizes will be received from the same branches. Attendance of the winner is required to sign a copy of the identity, pledge, receipt and to choose the branch through which the service will be implemented, when the person win vouchers and then the prize will be handed over to him/her.

Terms and conditions:

- You have to follow and add our account on social media.
- Like the prize posts
- Make a mention for 3 or more accounts
1. Repeated mentions are not counted for the same account.
2. If the name of the contestant is repeated, he/she will only get the first prize obtained.
3. The withdraw of the car will be attended by a representative from the Chamber of Commerce.
4. The prize cannot be exchanged for cash and cannot be transferred to someone else.
5. Ram employees or their first-class relatives cannot participate in the competition.
6. Participating in the competition is free of charge and does not require to purchase any of Ram’s services.
7. In the event that the contestant violates any of the terms and conditions of this competition, Ram Clinics are entitled to replace the contestant at the absolute discretion of Ram clinics.
8. Failure to provide a valid "proof of identity/residence or passport" is a violation of the terms if it does not match the data sent by the winner on social media.
9. The winner shall bear all fees and expenses for the registration of the vehicle, license plate, approximately to 4000 Riyal.

Terms and conditions:

10. Vehicles will be delivered to the winners in the eastern region at a location to be determined later.
11. Vehicles will be given to the winners after the end of the competition period, which is three months from the date of its start.

12. The colors of the cars to be given to the winners are as available from the supplier at the time of delivery and do not necessary match the declaration.
13. The car registration and all its papers should be extracted in line with saudi traffic laws and Ram clinics.
14. Attendance is not required at the time of the draw to receive the prize.
15. Winners of the vehicles must be following the page of Ram clinics on Instagram.
16. acknowledge that they delegates Ram clinics to use their personal image, name and voice in advertisements, social media sites and any event, incident or personal story associated with this award, whenever it is done without regard for time or date and without any payment or financial compensation. Winners of other awards authorizes Ram clinics to use their names and accounts Id on social media.
17. the customer will receive the award after 12 days from the announcement of the award


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