Recipes for hair

Recipes for hair

Recipes for hair lengthening

Who among us does not dream of long, thick and perfect hair? Whereas, the secret of hair beauty since ancient times lies in its length and density due to the pivotal role it plays in determining the shape of their face and appearance. All girls and women dream of having long hair that contains enough shine and strength. It should also be noted that there are several factors on which hair depends, such as lifestyles, pollution, and hair care products

These are the main factors on which hair growth depends


 The general health of the person.


The change in hormones.

Having certain diseases.


There are also many natural remedies that achieve great results when used to lengthen hair:

Recipes for hair

Vitamins to lengthen hair:

You can use the appropriate vitamins for you after seeing your doctor. There are vitamins that can help improve the general health of your hair. Attention must be paid to internal hair care, not just external care, since long healthy hair is an indication of healthy, nourishing nutrition that provides the body with important vitamins.

Oils to lengthen hair:

For example, fresh coconut oil, this hair lengthening treatment is one of the best natural hair oils. It is rich in potassium, keeps your scalp healthy and repairs damaged hair. It promotes hair growth and reduces dandruff. Coconut oil is also used to treat damaged hair.


 Biotin is the hair growth vitamin, it fixes weak hair, in order to improve its health, and its texture, and biotin vitamin has many properties that it gives density to hair, strengthens it, and lengthens it, and increases the rate of its growth speed, and there are many foods rich in biotin, such as Avocado, Banana, Raspberry, Almond, Mushroom, Egg, Peanut Butter, Salmon.

Recipes for hair

There are also some other tips:

Use products that are appropriate for the type of hair. And eating healthy food, as its lack causes damage to hair, hair loss, and makes it dry and damaged, it is advised to take iron vitamins in particular, to maintain the health of the hair, give it the necessary strength, and to stimulate its growth and intensification in a rapid manner. Drink plenty of water, to improve the blood circulation of the scalp. Avoid anxiety, stress and stress, and finally get enough hours of sleep. If these tips do not help you, you can visit the nearest clinic so that you can do the necessary exams at a plastic surgeon or plastic surgeon.

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