Recovers from Corona

Recovers from Corona

Epidemiologists advise the World Health Organization of the lack of an argument that antibody tests consisting of blood plasma can prove that it is not infected again with the Corona epidemic and many laboratory tests that are developed are accurate blood tests thus working to remove the HIV virus Mankind by knowing the rate of high rates of antibodies that the infected body ejects to remove the virus. The doctor confirmed in a press conference from countries that support the use of rapid diagnostic vaccines that are effective in revealing what they think is a measure to prevent corona virus. Antibodies in the blood, therefore, do not mean that anyone who secreted antibodies means that they are immune from infection with the virus again, for his part, as WHO emergency experts doctor Michael Ryan indicated that antibody checks produce even ethical questions and Ryan also said that the bodies Counterattack even if it is effective, there are no results that large numbers of people have worked on it and began to provide what is called a herd immunity

Recovers from Corona

Doctors in China and New York discovered that there were some infections from the meanings of Corona, which they were examining, that they suffered from untidy heartbeat, saying that this could cause a heart attack.

The American Columbia University neurologist noted that we discovered persistent heart disorders in some of the patients, not related to respiratory problems or lung problems, and also when we examined the patients with severe cases in China, we saw that there were 40 percent of them, they had problems with heart function This means being able to fight the heart directly

The World Health Organization indicated soon, saying that it is possible that most people infected with the Corona virus have a response to antibodies and there is a percentage of protection and the latest was said by the World Health Organization and one of the expectations of the decline of the World Health Organization.

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