safe from Corona

safe from Corona

Easy recipes to stay safe from “Corona”

Easy Recipes.. The phrase is the ideal solution that the majority of citizens resort to to accomplish their daily tasks in a comfortable speed, as housewives often search for easy recipes through the  Internet, to prepare foods and finish household chores, as well as men and youth working on easy recipes To perform their daily activities and get their work done, whether by searching for educational clips and training steps published on social media platforms that enable them to do so, and some also search for easy recipes to repair and control their holdings.

safe from Corona

All of these things have made the phrase easy recipes one of the daily rituals that we use to perform all our affairs and do what we want, and we often find this phrase most popular and traded across service sites and social media platforms, and perhaps none of us will be able to make this phrase a key to organizing our lives during the coming period Coinciding with the spread of the Corona pandemic around the world and its economic and human repercussions and losses, but according to reality the phrase “easy recipes” has become the key to researching all matters related to the organization of life during the Corona pandemic, specifically with the announcement of the application of the first stage of coexistence with the disease.

safe from Corona

There is no doubt that the procedures of coexistence with the Corona pandemic affect many people with anxiety and panic, fearing that they will become ill, so they resorted to searching through the Internet on easy recipes in enough aspects that might make them safe, We monitor procedures and habits that make us safe in light of the application of the stage of coexistence with the emerging corona virus, by mentioning easy and compiled recipes that citizens try to view through the Internet.

safe from Corona

First .. Easy recipes for eating safe

When employees return to their jobs, it is preferable not to rely on fast-prepared meals as before. It is best to prepare foods at home and prepare them for each employee to carry. Researchers are advised not to gather while eating foods.

Second..easy recipes to stay away from infection

Citizens should continue the ritual of caring for hygiene and sterilization, not touching surfaces as much as possible and sterilizing them in case of need to do so, and each individual must maintain during his working period that there is sufficient distance between colleagues in order to ensure the standards of social separation in anticipation of infection.

Third..easy recipes to move away from infection

One must not forget the importance of wearing medical masks, using hand disinfectants, and not shaking hands and touching people, and the situation will continue like this until crossing the ordeal and the epidemic ends completely.

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