shaky hands

shaky hands

shaky hands

Have you ever felt shaky hands?

Have you noticed this coming recently? Does this shiver only appear when you are stressed?

Learn the most important information associated with it now.

What is shaky hands ?

Tremor, a common health condition that affects a large number of people, and there are several different causes of it, which include:

1- Essential Tremor

It is the most common cause that results in tremor,

which is a problem affecting the nervous system in the body and usually begins in the hands,

but it may move to include other parts of the body such as the head, sound and feet.

Having this tremor may be hereditary and the result of a genetic mutation that you have inherited from one of your parents,

or it may occur as a result of the spread of toxic substances in the environment in which you live,

as your aging makes you more prone to tremor.

Tremor of unknown cause is not considered a serious health condition,

but it may increase with the progression of the disease and the progression of time,

so it is important to stay away from stimuli, including:

  • Stress
  • Tired
  • Eat a lot of caffeine


shaky hands

Difficult to treat tremor of the hand, despite the presence of drugs targeting it!

Surgery may be an option for some patients, during which doctors stimulate the brain by implanting a small brain device to control tremor.

2- Parkinson’s disease

Tremor may be an early indicator of Parkinson’s disease, which affects approximately 10 million people worldwide.

Of course, not all Parkinson’s patients develop tremor,

but in the early stages of the disease a slight tremor may appear in the hands, feet, or even fingers.

Usually tremor affects a certain part of the brain and appears evident when the muscles of the body relax,

that is, when they move, tremors stop, and in some cases tremors worsen, especially when the patient is stressed or excited.

3- Sclerosis

Infection with this disease targets the immune system, brain, nerves and spinal cord, which may result in tremors in the hands or feet.

The tremor that distinguishes this disease is that it appears even during a person’s movement, that is, unlike Parkinson’s.

Tremor in hands: is it a disease?

Tremor in the hands does not mean that you have a certain disease, but may be caused by a specific course of action:

Taking some types of medications: Some of these medications work to block some chemicals in the brain called dopamine,

which affect your body to make you shiver in the hands, but this effect will soon disappear when you stop taking the medicine.

Vitamin B12 deficiency: Deficiency in the body reduces the efficiency of the nervous system, which may cause tremors in the hands.

Tension: All causes that make you nervous, professionally, personally or socially, affect your tremor, not only this, but extreme anger,

hunger, or sleep problems that also affect the shivering of the hands.

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