sleeping sickness

sleeping sickness

Sleep sickness, which is even called human African trypanosomiasis, is a common tropical disease that can cause death if not treated. The disease is averted by the bite of the tsetse fly, the species of native in the African continent. Sixty million people from the eastern, western and central regions of the African continent meet in the rural areas, and a higher incidence of this disease results

The bite of the tsetse fly causes a red sore to act and, for a period of weeks, the affected person may show symptoms of fever, swollen lymph nodes, muscle and joint soreness, headache and irritation. And the disease remains, at the advanced levels, the central nervous system, that causes some changes in the patient’s personality, problems in his biological clock, tangles of things, lack of articulation, trouble-making, and also difficulty walking and talking. Symptoms can progress to problems in many years and cause the patient to die if he does not receive treatment as soon as possible.

sleeping sickness

Also the main actions to remove African trypanosomiasis in reducing the infection groups and tsetse flies. Screening people at risk of infection contributes to the detection of those infected in the early stages. The victim must be examined early and before the disease is shown in its advanced stages to avoid resorting to complex, difficult and risky treatment methods.

sleeping sickness

In the first case, the person is almost easy to treat but difficult to diagnose, because symptoms such as fatigue fever are not his own. The second case begins where the parasite fights the central nervous system, and the person begins to detect neurological or psychological symptoms, with poor coordination, confusion, convulsions and sleep problems. In this case, the patient must be diagnosed with a sample of the spinal fluid

The therapeutic components of Nifurtimox and Eflornithine, provided by the Doctors Without Borders Neglected Medicines Initiative, are the work currently provided by the World Health Organization, and are safer than the drug Melarsoprol, which was previously used to treat the disease. If the drug causes Melarsoprol, there are many serious symptoms that may even kill the patient.

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