Sleeve gastrectomy

Sleeve gastrectomy

What are the causes of stomach expansion after Sleeve gastrectomy?

Is it possible to prevent Stomach expansion? After reading this article, you will be able to know the answer to this question.

First of all, what is the process of sleeve gastrectomy?

The process of sleeve gastrectomy or shearing the longitudinal stomach is the main goal of it is to reduce the size of the stomach by two-thirds, that is, almost 70%, and thus keep the fuller satisfied after a small amount of food.

The stomach may expand fairly during the first three to six months, and the person can eat a reasonable small meal

As for the unwanted expansion that causes the weight loss to stop and then start to increase, it can only happen for reasons that a person should avoid.

Does the stomach expand after Sleeve gastrectomy?

Will the stomach expand after the Sleeve gastrectomy? This could be caused by the mechanism of the stomach’s work to accommodate food, . Once the diet is not preserved after Sleeve gastrectomy and eating more food, the stomach will begin to expand, as the signals that the stomach sends to the brain about satiety begin to change, and exaggeration and excessive eating after satiety and above the stomach’s need and repetition, which leads to regression and expansion Stomach, and the combination of solid food and drinks can lead to pressure, and thus expand or expand. And soft drinks can cause the stomach to expand.

How to avoid stomach expansion?

To eat a meal in large quantities after gagging for several months or years does not lead to an enlarged stomach and an imbalance in the mechanism of hunger and fullness, but continuing this pattern can lead to an enlarged stomach, avoiding the expansion of the stomach by stopping eating immediately after feeling full. And drink fluids half or half before or after eating. ((Not to combine eating and drinking)) To permanently interrupt soft drinks, if you feel hungry between meals, eat a small amount of food between them.

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