slim figure

slim figure

slim figure

There is no doubt that the harmonious body and the slim figure are the primary concern of everyone looking for beauty,

and there is no doubt that the spread of interest in public health, and the increased desire to appear

healthy without flaws. Topical obesity is one of the most difficult obesity problems a person may encounter.

Also, cases of general obesity that succeed in getting rid of a great excess weight leave after them the problems

of sagging that require tightening the body.

As for the practice of exercises for body contouring,

the results require very long periods of time to begin to appear.

Therefore, body sculpting operations have spread in recent times in order to reach the desired slim figure.

Body sculpting operations are the processes of shaping specific areas in the body and may reach in some cases

to slim the whole body in the way that an obese patient desires,

and body sculpting differs from traditional methods of liposuction in that it highlights the aesthetic

features of the body, and reaches some areas of the body to the desired shape completely.

And not just coordinating body weight.

Body sculpting processes differ from liposuction processes.

Liposuction processes depend on different techniques in which an opening is made to the skin

and the insertion of a tube for liposuction, if it is safe, but the possibility of bleeding,

bruising, or scars is still in place, in addition to that of traditional liposuction It does not leave skin tight,

but it often remains flabby and needs to be tightened

Body sculpting process and techniques

 What is meant by body sculpting is to reach the ideal shape of the body and not lose weight as some believe, so body sculpting is the removal of layers of fat accumulated in the body that hide behind the aesthetic features of the body, such as the muscles of the abdomen and chest in men and the waist in women. And body sculpting operations depend on several techniques, including:

– cooling

– The laser


– Sound waves

– Infrared

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