Space Maintainer

Space Maintainer

Space Maintainer

A space maintainer is a machine that is specially designed by a dental specialist or orthodontist in acrylic or metal material. It very well may be either removable or solidified in a kid’s mouth. Its motivation is to keep the space open to permit the changeless tooth to eject and come into place.

Space maintainer is used only in certain cases and it is used in the event of falling of one of the child’s teeth as a result of the formation of an abscess underneath, for any reason that led to its fall early and still one or more years remain until the emergence of the permanent year.

Dentists explains that if a distance protector is not attached to the teeth in this case, this leads to the movement of the adjacent permanent teeth towards the vacuum of the deciduous teeth, which leads to its warp as it grows and may remain buried inside the jaw because it is filled with bone, thus it is It is difficult to pierce and teeth appear.

Ram HealthCare dentists indicates that the child does not need to keep a distance in the event of the fallen teeth naturally without any trauma or a problem, because permanent teeth are directly below them and they have caused erosion in their root and as soon as they fall new new (permanent) teeth begin to appear after a short period reverses the condition that requires the distance keeper to be installed, as it takes a long time.

There are two types of tooth space maintainer, which are the movable prosthesis, and it can be installed and removed several times, and is used mostly in the event of a large number of teeth falling on the left and right side, the cost of this type is lower, but the problem is that the child refuses to re-install it again after each time it is removed, and the second type is the fixed maintainer, it is installed by the doctor and it is not removed permanently except with the knowledge of the doctor also and when the permanent teeth begin to emerge.

Visit your nearest Ram Clinics dentist to know more about teeth space maintainer and which kind suits your child the best.

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