teeth patches

teeth patches how to remove it ?
Unlike to what some believe, the bright white color is not the natural color of the teeth, as it is natural that the color of the teeth slightly tilted towards yellow. In addition, teeth patches or the color of teeth grows yellow over time due to several factors, including:

• Aging, which mainly affects the middle layer of teeth (the two layers of the teeth), which reflects the color outward to give a yellowish color to the teeth.
• An unhealthy diet, including a diet low in vitamins, minerals and nutrients, in addition to not drinking enough water.
• Taking certain medications that cause pigmentation of the teeth, such as tetracycline, which leads to pigmentation of the teeth if given to children.
• Genetic causes or genetic diseases, such as enamel disease.
• Injuries to the teeth, such as falling or breaking teeth or trauma, or medical condition known as dental grating.
• Eat foods and drinks that help to stain teeth, such as coffee.
• Smoking or chewing tobacco.

In contrast, teeth whitening patches penetrate the outer layer of the tooth and whiten the middle layer, through one of the two main components of most of these patches, namely
• Hydrogen peroxide (oxygen water).
• Carbamide peroxide.

to remove teeth patches use one of these bleaches is contained in a gel containing the patch, and applied to the teeth for a certain period, and to use only one for each patch.

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