teeth whitening

teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is a treatment that leads to whiter teeth and a bright natural smile.
What are the types of teeth whitening?
– Whitening toothpaste
– Teeth whitening trays
– Teeth Whitening Adhesives
Laser teeth whitening
What are the damages ?!
Gum irritation: a temporary problem that stops within two or three days.
Tooth Sensitivity: It lasts from two to three days and it is recommended to use toothpaste for sensitive teeth.

Teeth whitening can be done by anyone, but it is stipulated that the condition of teeth and gums is good, preferably from 16 years and above and it is important to take medical advice from the dentist before starting the bleaching procedure, as it may not suit everyone, when there are fillings or crowns on the front teeth.

It is also not recommended to use it under the age of less than 16 years or sensitive teeth. Also during pregnancy and lactation. When infections or gum disease. Or if the root of the tooth is visible.

Tips for tooth sensitivity after bleaching:

Avoid foods that cause tooth pain, use high fluoride toothpaste, and brush your teeth with a special toothpaste for sensitive teeth. And stop bleaching for a temporary time. And reduce the duration of applying bleach to the tooth.

When bleaching teeth, avoid eating foods, drinks and other factors that affect the color of the teeth. Use a drink stick (lollipop/straw) when drinking that may cause yellowing of teeth. Eat foods that protect against tooth pigmentation (e.g. cheeses, apples, etc.) that also equate tooth acidity, preventing enamel from damage. Blink or brush your teeth immediately after eating foods and drinks that may affect their color.

There are several misconceptions to be noted, for example: olive oil bleaching of teeth. Hot drinks affect the color of your teeth more than cold drinks. There are natural means or foods such as strawberries and banana peel, which help whiten teeth. Or charcoal brushing is a safe way to whiten teeth.

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