•Examination cost is symbolic (25) Riyal for offers paid electronically or in the clinic, includes all the offers except old clients of Laser hair removal service unless there is an exception or circulated note from the administration.

•The examination fee for the dermatological consultation is paid at the clinic

•The examination fee for the medical department is paid at the clinic

* It is permissible to return any paid amounts of Treatment or Cosmetic Services during offer time or any other time if the return request was made within (7) days of the payment.
* if the return request was made after (7) days of payment, customer service administration will send a reply within (7) working days.
* if the return request that was made after the allowed (7) days was approved, (10%) of the total invoice will be deducted as administrative fees.

• The buyer of the offer is given a 50% discount on scouting at the consultants

• The price of offers does not include the added tax value for non-Saudis

• The client can buy multiple sessions. However, all of them must be consumed in a period of (6) months starting from the invoice date.
• In the event that there are offers on the sessions of the Exilis sessions for five sessions, they are for one area in the body and not for more than one area.
• The information that was provided to the (RAM Group) by the client to reserve an appointment on the website _which includes name, mobile number and Mail-Well be used in the future to send offers and campaigns related to the center.

• The client who has an invoice that was made under his/her name and file number can consume the offer by himself/herself or transfer the offer to another client. However, both clients must be present at the time of transference.

• Offer's invoice of packages can be used by two clients maximum. The sessions in that invoice will be divided between two files.

• There is no direct installment on offers. Except installment for multiple sessions of one service which includes offers of (prosthesis, implants, veneers, and Orthodontic) offers. There are some available offers of Orthodontic which are paid cash as well as installment through Tamweel AlOla.

• Costs of the offers are not including (VAT) for non-Saudi clients.

• The offer must be consumed in six months from the date of buying.

• It is not possible to use discount coupon or cash coupon or others in conjunction with the offer.

• The client cannot use multiple coupons.

• It is not possible to make further discount on offers.

• insurance and discount are not included in the offers.

• If the client has paid the full value of a package such as Laser and consumed part of these sessions in certain branch, he/she has the right to be transferred to another branch to complete the rest of the sessions. Examination cost of the offer must be paid (25) Riyal.

• Self-service is available for laser service. However, the client must sign the consent of this service.

• To reserve an offer, it must be between (8 a.m. and 4p.m). Morning offers' code must be activated for (24 hours).

• Body laser offers include the face , with same laser machine
• Laser offers includes bikini area, under arms, face, or it will be It will be detailed in the offer itself, The three areas are during one session.

• Body laser offers are not for men. However, men are included in the rest of the offers in dermatology cosmetology and laser.

• If controversy about any of the rules and conditions occurred, the general rule and conditions of the services in the (RAM Group) will be applied.

  • Online payment for the Bahrain branch will be in the Saudi currency, and the buyer bears the value of the transfer from the BHD currency to the SA currency.
  • The promo code is applied after selecting the payment method via mada or visa card, and does not apply to the payment method "pay in clinic"
  • the client has no right to ask for the additional discount if the did not insert the promotional code while completing the payment process


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