the massage

the massage

Basically the massage , which is a word borrowed from the Arabic language; As the Turks called it “touch”, and it is one of the most important means that people have used since ancient times to treat and relieve muscle pain, tension and stress. The truth is that the massage is not only beneficial from a pathological point of view, it is also beneficial for the body and refreshing for it, but it may even extend to psychological benefit It relieves stress and pain, and gives one a wonderful feeling of relaxation.

Some new studies revealed that the performance of the immune system in many cancer patients, specifically breast cancer in women, has improved after undergoing a few massages, but rather these studies indicated that it was able to relieve the symptoms of respiratory and obesity diseases and others, especially diseases that are affected by psychological behavior And tension.

What happens when you massage

 Perhaps everyone knows that a massage relaxes the muscles and frees them from shrinking, and some think that it helps rid the body of toxins; Because of the improvement of blood circulation. Recent studies revealed that massage works to reduce levels of cortisol, and thus change the form of metabolism, and reduce symptoms of allergies, which are processes that are affected by the level of cortisol in the blood. As for the owners of orthopedics, osteoporosis, muscle pain, etc., the doctor may prescribe massage sessions within the concept of physical therapy, in which they help them to overcome disease, stiffness in movement, and so on.

The most important benefits:

1- Reducing muscle pain, as the body massage helps rid the muscles of toxins, specifically from the accumulation of lactic acid after exercise, and increases blood circulation and blood pumping activity, which is best for back pain.

2- Relief from stress, stress, anxiety and depression, as one study published by the Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry indicated that the massage helped relieve depression in many patients in America. It is of course preferable to relieve stress, stress and normal anxiety. In addition, it helps in deep sleep and improves the depth and efficiency of sleep.

3- Improving the body in combating diseases or symptoms caused by stress and tension such as headaches or excessive food intake such as bulimia, obesity and fat distribution to get rid of cellulite, and helps to tighten the body.

4- Helps those who are thin to gain weight; Because of the stimulation of blood circulation, some researchers feel that it is important to undergo one massage per week or at least once every two weeks.

5- Among its benefits also is that it maintains the elasticity of the body and the softness of the skin, and gets rid of dead and harmful cells, especially massage sessions in which with oils and peeling is also used, such as the Moroccan and Turkish bath.

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