Thick skin

Thick skin

on the toes is the accumulation of dead and thick skin between the edges . is not considered dangerous but may cause discomfort. Thickening of the skin is more common in the toes of women than men, and it is noticed that most of those suffering from it are those who wear inappropriate shoes, the owners of curvy feet and people who stand for a long time during the day.

This skin can be in two different forms, due to the difference in the reasons for each of them and the places in which they can be found.

Thick skin accumulates in the toes as a result of keratinization or increased thickness of the skin, which occurs as a natural defense mechanism for strengthening the skin in areas subjected to pressure or excessive friction that occurs due to:

Constant friction of the foot, which can be caused by wearing tight or inappropriate shoes.

Walk or run with continuous and constant or exercise that causes pressure on the foot.

Sweat ducts in the skin are also blocked by pressure and friction.

Foot deformities.

Not wearing socks.

Wear high-heeled shoes.

Poorly made shoe liners.

Walk without wearing bare feet.

Age and fatty tissue thinning in the feet.

A person with thick skin accumulation in the toes feels pain and a feeling similar to walking on a floor filled with stones. The following can be observed:

Clear bump and height in the skin.

Roughness in the area of ​​skin accumulation and thickening.

Peeling of the skin, dryness and the feeling of touching it similar to wax.

Subcutaneous pain.

Severe and painful inflammation in some severe cases.

Usually thick skin with toes is not painful, unless if the infection occurs in the affected area then the person may feel pain in the area where the thick skin appears. Also, there are other symptoms that may indicate the presence of infection, which may include red skin and swelling around the thickened skin.

The patient should seek medical advice if the thick skin becomes painful, and patients with poor blood circulation or problems with the nerves of the feet should speak to their doctors before treating thick skin at home.

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