Tooth decay

Tooth decay

Tooth decay is a problem that affects everyone completely.  it is widespread in adults and young people, and tooth decay has many reasons will be mentioned in the blog. But one of these reasons when taking sugars and starches, tooth decay occurs because of a type of bacteria in the mouth and these bacteria convert sugars and starches into acids that attack the teeth, and may be caries in the front or back teeth, and the back teeth are more than infected by procrastination The front because there are gaps in it, which facilitates decay.

At the beginning of decay, a white spot appears on the tooth that later turns to yellow, which forms a layer in which bacteria collect food residues into calcium-melting acids on the surface of the tooth, and the person may not feel pain in this period and does not notice the procrastination until after the arrival of the shopping. To advanced stages caused by the fracture of the tooth and pain extending to the nerve of the tooth, which may reach the roots of the teeth caused pus.

As for the treatment of tooth decay, which is done in the dental clinic, a filling is placed after the elimination of the mites in the tooth, which works to stop the process of shopping and keep the tooth from losing, but the teeth must be preserved by cleaning them even after filling, it is possible to corrode the filling and return bacteria to We get old again, there are people who resort to stuffing age more than once and there is research and studies to make fillings that last for a long time without eroding. You have to keep your teeth clean on a daily basis to prevent exposure to tooth decay, tooth pain when it is severe, it is difficult for the affected person to carry out his daily tasks, it is an unbearable pain, especially if the shopping has reached the nerve of the tooth so it should be cleaned daily after each meal, and avoid eating sweets Large amounts especially at night because the bacteria in the mouth are more active during sleep, and it is important not to over-drink soft drinks that cause the greatest damage to the teeth, and if the person notices any change in the color of the tooth or the presence of a rough white substance on the tooth should visit the dentist to treat Shopping before it develops, and a visit to the dentist must be done from time to time to check on the integrity of your teeth

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