tooth fall

tooth fall

The causes of tooth fall

One of the causes of tooth fallout is gum disease, also called gum disease. It is the primary cause of tooth loss among adults, and it represents 70 percent of missing teeth. It starts with bacteria and infections in the gums. As it progresses it destroys the gum tissue and can destroy the jawbone under the gum, which leads to a lack of support for the teeth. When the brush or thread does not remove plaque, gum disease can continue. Plaque contains bacteria that stick to the teeth and harden over time so only the dentist can remove it

Hardened smears, known as tartar, pull the gums away from the teeth, creating gaps that can become infected.

tooth fall

Over time, this process can destroy the bone and tissues supporting the teeth, causing the teeth to become loose. Cavities are holes in the teeth caused by a bacterial infection that turns into decay. If the cavity is not treated, the pulp in the center of the tooth can be destroyed, which may lead to a root canal or even the removal of the tooth. Preventing tooth decay by practicing good oral health habits, choosing healthy foods and drinks, and making regular trips to the dentist for early detection. Early treatment can Save your teeth.

tooth fall

Thus accidents happen, especially during sports, and this is the reason for the importance of protecting the mouth. Falling and car accidents can result in tooth loss. Thus you can be careful to avoid some common causes of tooth loss or damage due to accidents. Do not use your teeth to remove covers, tops, or caps, loosen knots, tear marks, or cut string. You do not have to use your teeth to chew ice, open walnut scales, or chew popcorn kernels if you want to keep your teeth healthy.

In addition to gum disease, these diseases and risk factors can lead to tooth loss

Diabetes high blood pressure arthritis smoking and malnutrition

Make sure to mention any diseases and lifestyle factors to the dentist so that you can help the doctor to prevent tooth loss.

Also, dental implants are the ideal solution in this case of accidents.

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