Unify skin tone

Unify skin tone

The difference between cold peeling types (DERMAMELAN & COSMELAN)

Once the problem of brown skin spots comes up, the talk of peeling the skin comes along with it, as a solution that has proven effective and superior to other solutions. If we talk about the latest methods of exfoliation of the skin, we mention Cosmelan or Cosmopeel as well as Dermamelan.

What is the difference between them? How can I choose one without the other? What is the reason for the high prices of skin peeling in these ways? Will I achieve results that are equivalent to and equal to this cost? Is its impact lasting? How do they fight brown spots? What are the expected results? All this and more you know with us in this article

Unify skin tone

What is dermamilan and cozumelan exfoliation?

Cozumelan and DermaMilan are two ways to exfoliate the skin and treat brown spots, and they have a strong potency to counteract freckles of chromosome origin (caused by the accumulation of melanin pigments in the epidermis). This type of exfoliation is suitable for the following conditions:

  • Age spots
  • Melasma and chloasma
  • Pigment spots from sun exposure
  • Brown spots from the use of contraceptive drugs
  • Brown spots resulting from light sensitivity
  • The following hyperpigmentation conditions for some inflammatory diseases
  • Freckles

Unify skin tone


What is the effect of exfoliation of Cozumelan and Dermaimilan?

This type of exfoliation is characterized by a bilateral effect, as it exfoliates the skin and eliminates the brown spots that are already on it. In addition, it works on the cells responsible for coloring the skin (melanin cells), so it modifies the factors that lead to excessive chromosome formation and reduces the production of melanin (pigments that make up the brown spots). This will protect you from future spots.

Otherwise, it increases the rate of regeneration of the skin cells, which gives you a fresh look and distinguishes you with beautiful young skin and reduces the effects of wrinkles and aging.

However, isn’t this what all the exfoliation treatments on the market do?

In fact, no, because peeling cozumelan and dermalimilane has a very strong potency that gives you guaranteed, proven, and laboratory tested results, and delivers great results in most cases. Amylan exfoliation has succeeded in achieving results exceeding 90% in the treatment of skin costs, lightening, coloration and aging of the skin, in addition to that it is free of hydroquinone that is usually used in skin-lightening creams and causes some annoying side effects.

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