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Young and Corona

Young and Corona


Children more than exposure to infection if they were in a place where the new coronavirus is transmitted. The rate of infections among children is now no less than among adults, because we were fundamentally thinking that it does not infect children. However, children usually show slight symptoms as a result of infection, so when all children are exposed to infection with corona infection, they do not develop the same amount of adult people. Children often experience strong symptoms when they are infected with Corona infection. Although large-scale disease types have been detected around the world, few children have died.

Young and Corona


And that even from those we know this matter, children under one year old infants are more likely to have strong symptoms in the event of corona infection. This could be due to the effect of not fully immunizing them, and because the airway veins are smaller, which are more likely to affect corona, respiratory disorder and difficulty in respiratory infections. 

Young and Corona 

Consequently, they can suffer newborns in Corona during childbirth or because they have contracted infection after childbirth through infected caregivers. The Academy recommends Pediatrics to perform special obstetric care if they confirm that their mothers are infected with dermatitis, or they suspect it. These actions may consist in separating the mother from the newborn for a period of time to reduce the risk of infecting the infant, by increasing the examination of symptoms of infection in SK. And in the case of the presence of the examination tools, it is necessary to examine the infant to ensure that he is infected with the virus,




Thus new children who suffer from corona or who cannot be examined because there are no examination tools, and it is possible to be discharged from the hospital if they do not have any symptoms, therefore, depending on the circumstances. Doctors advise that childcare workers wear face masks and wash their hands to protect themselves. It is important to repeat and follow up with the child’s doctor for 14 days, either by calling or going to the clinic


Children who have had a negative result when they have been tested for Corona can be hospitalized. And until the mother is in the best condition, it is recommended to reduce her approach to the child to a minimum and use a muzzle and wash her hands when she is near him.

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