Carboxy sessions

Carboxy sessions

There are many therapeutic methods that get rid of skin problems, such as filler, botox, and plasma .. The dark circles under the eyes are among the most common problems that spoil the appearance, but carboxy injections are among the most prominent therapeutic methods that help get rid of them.

Multiple benefits

“Carboxy sessions” is a cosmetic treatment method in which the carbon dioxide gas is injected under the skin and into the blood vessels,  explaining that carboxy injection is used in 4 basic cases, namely:

1- Dark circles under the eyes

The blood circulation in this case is inactive and the injection of carboxy under the eye helps to stimulate it and gives tremendous results, and the results often begin to appear from the first session, and it is considered the only treatment for dark circles until now.

Carboxy sessions

2- Stretch Marks

These signs appear due to pregnancy, childbirth, increased and decreased weight, the blood circulation is inactive, and carboxy injection helps to stimulate cells and stimulate them to produce collagen.

3- Cellulite

Collagen disappears where cellulite appears, but carboxy injections help stimulate blood vessels and stimulate collagen production.

4- Signs of wounds

The injured area loses the sensory cells in it and the skin part dies, and the carboxy injection helps to stimulate blood circulation and the melanin pigment in this place, which helps to renew the cells and the skin again. Other, in all previous cases, except for the dark circles under the eyes, it is the only and main treatment.

Carboxy sessions

Number of Carboxy sessions and results

The duration of injections per session takes from 10 to 15 minutes, which indicated that the number of sessions varies from case to case, but often ranges from 3 to 9 sessions, noting that the use of the drug is necessary in some cases such as injection under eyes.  the results often last for a period of 6 months to a whole year, stressing that skin care and maintaining general health by eating healthy food and healthy sleep and avoiding excessive stimulation helps to increase the duration of the results.

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