Corona disease begins

Corona disease begins

Invasive types of invasive viruses emerge in their search for new cells, which work to alert the immune system to the present danger, to act by moving its protection, for the injured, his feeling becomes that an abnormal thing is afflicting his body, the temperature increases, and the cough begins in an attempt by the respiratory system to leave the viruses outside the body, some people They do not know anything about the activity of their immune system against the disease, because they do not reveal any of them symptoms of prevention and symptoms of resistance are fever, cough, nasal and oral infiltration and tear descent from the eye, therefore scientists are still consulting that if their bodies really resist the disease from the inside, for example, The well-known cruise ship, which was transporting about 700 passengers, transmitted the infection among them, and about half of them initially became asymptomatic, and in any case, many of them later complained about the symptoms of infection, and it became apparent that they were indeed eligible to transmit the virus infection.

Corona disease begins

The first infection with the virus was reported in 1937 AD, and the viruses were in birds, and this led to the movement of hundreds of them. Thus, symptoms began to reveal other types of other animals. As for the first infection from human infections, the first disease was recorded in 2012, and the number of infected people became As of the end of 2015, it was examined to 1,250 cases, 685 of which were for treatment, 535 died, and 30 remained under wellness. Another type of corona, called Wuhan virus or emerging coronavirus 2019, was detected in China at the end of 2019

The weeks after the onset of the disease are the viruses that spread through people, and if the immune system did enough to expel the spread, the virus infection stops, and the body in this case does not form to the fourth stage, and that the patient feels some relief, and he becomes in a state of convalescence, and more Patients in this phase are treated at home outside the clinic. So far, 80 percent of injuries have been treated at this point, but this is the case for China. In Germany, it is estimated that 14% of all patients arehospitalized.

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