Cosmetic :  advantages and risks of using it

Cosmetic techniques are incredibly many, as every time new and modern technologies appear that are followed by many stars who obtain a modern and elegant appearance through them, and among these types of operations are Texas technology, Texas technology for jaw cosmetology: the advantages and risks of using it. What is Texas technology ( Jaw exposure? Texas technology, or as it is called, V Line, is one of the latest techniques in facial beautification, through which the lower jaw is exposed, highlighting the chin in a way that suits the facial features, and concealing the pointed chin or the atrophy of the temples. This technique was named after this because Texas residents have a wide chin consistent with the side face lines. The difference between Texas technology and Nefertiti technology uses Nefertiti facial technology to tighten the jaw and neck and eliminate the effects of aging in those areas of loose skin, wrinkles, contractions and visible necklines. Texas facial needles are used to significantly fill lean or slender areas around the lower jaw circumference and the front of the chin, as this technique exposes the lower jaw and makes it appear larger than its true size. The material used in the injection procedure is also one of the factors that distinguishes Nefertiti technology from Texas, as the first is conducted through the injection of botox, while the second, that is, the use of Texas for the face is done through Filler injection. Those who need Texas injections. Resorting to facial and neck plastic surgery is limited to the advanced age groups, starting from the middle age and above, as it is usually subject to this type of plastic surgery in order to overcome the effects of skin aging represented by the appearance of neck lines, wrinkles, etc. . However, the matter is quite different with regard to the Texas technology, as different age groups can resort to it, including teenagers and young people, as this technology, unlike Nefertiti and other surgical skin tightening procedures, is not performed to combat the effects of aging, but rather belongs more To fattening operations. Statistical reports issued by the International Society of Plastic Operations (ISAPS) last year indicated that the Texas Needles and similar technologies have witnessed a high turnout of younger age groups, a desire to improve the appearance of the face, especially the slender chin area, and that some press reports confirmed that many Hollywood stars underwent cosmetic procedures Similar in the forefront of the famous British Keira Knightley.

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