appears when the skin falls on the scalp, which is a common and chronic disease that affects the scalp, and it is not an infectious or serious disease, but it is a difficult and embarrassing problem, and it is worth noting that it can be easily controlled in cases of mild it During shampoo and daily cleaning with a gentle cleanser, the slightly more difficult dandruff cases can be treated with medical shampoo.



There are many reasons for the appearance of it in the scalp, including


  • Seborrheic dermatitis people with seborrheic dermatitis have oily and irritated skin, so they are more likely to develop it on the scalp
  • Not combing hair regularly: Combing hair regularly reduces the risk of it, which aids in the natural fall of the skin.
  • Yeast allergy: As people who have yeast allergy, their chances of getting dandruff are higher, because yeast plays a key role in this, just as it is increases in winter.
  • Shampoo and skin care products: Some hair care products may cause red and itchy scalp, as the use of shampoo to wash hair frequently may cause dandruff and irritate the scalp.
  • Some medical conditions: adults with Parkinson’s disease and some other neurological diseases have been found to be more susceptible to dandruff
  • Diet: Not eating or consuming enough foods containing zinc and B vitamins, may cause dandruff.
  • Age: Dandruff is more likely to appear and exist from adolescence until mid-life, and may extend for life, and dandruff affects men more than women, and this may be related to hormonal causes.



Symptoms of the appearance of dandruff include:

  • flakes or crumbs of skin, the size and color range from small white to large, and oily yellow.
  • Itching in the scalp or eyebrows, on the hair line or the borders of hair, on the ears or nose, in the center of the chest, or on the back.


Consult a doctor.

Call or consult a professional doctor at Ram Clinics  about dandruff if the flaking is greasy and yellow in color, and does not respond to home remedies, without a prescription, nor for shampoo or creams.

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