dental crowns time

dental crowns time

dental crowns time

How long do dental crowns last?

The life span of fixed installations ranges between seven and ten years,

and may increase or decrease depending on the method of preparing the teeth,

the type of material used in the manufacture of the composition,

as well as depending on the extent of patient care for his teeth.

One of the characteristics of the successful composition is that the teeth are identical in functionality,

shape and rigidity so that the patient does not feel that there are artificial teeth in his mouth,

and also one of their characteristics,

you do not crowd the food chewed around them in a way that is difficult to clean,

and that they are tight around the teeth so that they do not run out Saliva filled with dissolved food

to the body of the teeth under the composition, so as not to cause cavities in these teeth,

and we often see combinations that cause cavities and destroy the teeth supporting the composition.

The doctor must also take into account during preparation not to reduce the size of the supporting teeth more than necessary,

so as not to weaken them and thus may lose them as they may break with the composition with high chewing loads.

Also, the doctor must take into account the safety of the gums during preparation, do not harm them while minimizing the supporting teeth,

and take into account that the tip of the composition stops at a hard surface of the supporting teeth so that the patient can clean the teeth and gums easily,

and in the absence of observance of the safety of the gums, the composition may cause chronic inflammation Gums.

Also, the height of the teeth in the composition should be at the same height as the normal teeth,

so as not to cause harm to the jaw joint, and patients often visit me with excruciating pain in the jaw joint

as a result of the rise of artificial teeth from the level of natural teeth,

which makes them suffer from not applying teeth to Some of them are healthy,

and lack of proper occlusion leads inevitably to problems in the jaw joint.

The patient may waive the property of the corresponding shape of the teeth, when he installs a year or more in the back teeth,

and choose the metal fixtures.

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