Tooth decay

dental filing

dental fillings occur in cases of caries, or hollow teeth, where the doctor removes the carious part, and replaced with fillers, and dental fillings are also used in cases of teeth cracks or broken due to bad habits such as nail biting.

Steps to fill the teeth
First, the dentist anesthetizes the area around the tooth using a local anesthetic. The doctor uses a drilling rig, pneumatic abrasive device or laser to remove the decayed or decaying area. The choice of the instrument depends on the dentist’s comfort level, training, as well as the location and extent of tooth decay.

Important tips to protect dental fillings
To maintain dental fillings, there should be a good interest in oral health and dental care in general. Every day, if you suffer from tooth sensitivity, your doctor will advise you to use a special type of toothpaste for this problem, lastly, you have to visit the dentist to feel any continuous pain or event or break or fall to fill.

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