Filler injection eye

Filler injection eye

Filler injection eye

is one of the cosmetic methods or methods to treat the signs of aging without surgical intervention,

as this technique restores the skin, youth, freshness, and natural fullness.

So, learn with us about everything related to injection of fillers under the eyes in terms of benefits and harms.

What is Filler injection?

It is a cosmetic method that rejuvenates the skin by injecting a filler under the skin with very thin needles,

without any surgical intervention or exposing the skin to the scalpel of plastic surgeons.

As for the types of injections of fillers under the eyes,

they are divided into two types:

1- The permanent type

This type lasts for long periods and far between, but its effects are not guaranteed as it may

lead to bigger problems in the future.

2- The temporary type

Its effect lasts from six months to two years and is the safest and best because of its rapid demise in case of dissatisfaction with the required result and the skin returns to its natural form again and without any complications

How to make a filler injection under the eye

The most important steps to follow when injecting the filler under the eye

Filler injection consists of a group of natural ingredients, such as collagen, silicone, and hyaluronic.

This syringe contains safe substances that do not harm the skin.

The injection takes one to ten minutes to complete and is completely painless.

Filler is injected under the eye in cases of cavities and fine lines in that region, by injection just under the socket bone.

It is worth noting that the filler takes a little time for its components to start working and its results appear after a few days, as the appearance of the ideal result is due to the nature of the person’s own body and the extent of his ability to respond to the filler.

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