orthodontics Science has evolved in various fields of life during the past centuries and accelerated its development a lot recently in the twenty-first century to reach all levels and we are here to talk about the development that took place in the medical field, especially dentistry.

The dentists’ view of what they can provide to patients is different from the above. But with the development of concepts, many dental clinics introduced innovative concepts to eliminate this fear through awareness of modern services and absolute professionalism and modern equipment and technology that now provides dental patients complete comfort and with the least amount of pain.

This is a whole and if we want to talk in detail we cannot mention all of them, but we can touch on one of them which is orthodontics, in its metallic and transparent kinds which is an ideal solution for cosmetic teeth to be in a format with which we can smile without shame that our teeth appear to disturb us, which may forces us to raise our hand to cover our smile, so one of the tasks of the dentist is to remove this embarrassment by placing a proper orthodontic treatment.

As for the types, we all know the metal orthodontic, although its appearance is not loved for many of us, but it certainly does the desired purpose completely and we get a radiant smile, and for those who do not like the metal orthodontic and are looking for an alternative solution, science has provided scientific development of the so-called transparent orthodontic, which combined two basic things, cosmetic orthodontic and external appearance during treatment is not visible at all.
It also has more flexibility than its metallic orthodontic and is difficult to see except in the intense focus of being transparent carries a color close to the color of the teeth, both types are certainly need to be done properly through the dentist dexterity to achieve the desired purpose. dentists advise patients suffering from the presence of divergence in the teeth and others who have a hard time biting or having a tooth structure to go for the transparent orthodontic.
But before all of this we have to take into account that we have to address the basic problems of teeth such as infections if any and tooth decay because they are harmful to the health and then we can move to the cosmetic stage of the teeth both through the transparent orthodontic and by the way we would like to mention that we do not recommend it to children, but rather to adults because at this age they are keen to take care of the appearance of beauty more than other age groups.

There is also a kind called transparent elliptical orthodontic, which gives us the freedom to remove and install without the need to visit the dentist to clean our teeth when needed and consists of plastic mold made according to the shape of the teeth.
One of the types of orthodontic is the hidden orthodontic in which the doctor installs in the back of the teeth and thus perform its function without embarrassment of appearance.
In the end, we say that the doctor has the greatest impact in obtaining impressive results.
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