Remove hair in skin

Remove hair in skin

When women dye their hair, drops of dye may infiltrate the skin, such as the forehead and ears, and it may be difficult to remove, especially after leaving it for a long time on the skin. If that happens, here are some easy recipes for removing hair dye from your skin in minutes.


Put a little toothpaste in an old, soft toothbrush and gently massage the parts of the skin that dye-colored for a few minutes until you notice the color has disappeared. It is preferable to use regular putty for a fast and effective result.

Remove hair in skin

Nail polish remover
Alcohol is an effective ingredient in removing pigment from the skin. Dip a piece of medical cotton into a nail polish remover and wipe off the skin, and you will notice the color disappear instantly. If your skin is sensitive, avoid this prescription and consult a doctor immediately if there is any irritation

Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate)
Use sodium bicarbonate. All you have to do is mix the sodium bicarbonate with water until you have a suitable paste and scrub the skin without squeezing the skin violently. Leave the dough on the skin for 2 minutes, then remove it with water and you will notice that the dye has disappeared completely.

Skin soap
Regular skin soap may not be effective in removing hair dye from the skin, so it is advised to use a lotion with strong ingredients to exfoliate the color pigment from the skin. Use your skin lotion as a basic solution to remove the dye. If it is not working, follow any of the previous methods.

Remove hair in skin

Baby oil
Another easy way to remove the dye from the skin is to use baby oil to remove the dye from the skin, where it is placed on the skin for a whole day, and to protect the pillows from the oil the skin can be covered with a bandage, or it can sleep on a towel, and in the morning the skin is washed, where it will be observed The oil has removed the dye.


Hair dye can be removed from the skin with lemon, by cutting the lemon in half, rubbing the lemon on the stained skin, leaving it for a few minutes, then cleaning the skin with a cotton swab, or washing the skin with water.

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