Rose Water

Rose Water

Rose water has a beautiful aromatic smell, it is available on the market and can be found easily, the benefits of rose water for the face are many, so your home should always contain it.

The most important benefits of ros water for the skin

Rose water has anti-inflammatory properties and is rich in beneficial antioxidants, which makes it ideal for your skin. Here are its main benefits:

1- Maintaining a suitable pH

The pH most suitable for your skin is usually between 4.5-6.2, which means that it is slightly acidic.

The use of soaps, facial cleansers and various products in a lot can affect the pH of the face, which results in a number of problems such as acne.

On the other hand, ros water helps the skin to maintain an appropriate pH, as its score is 5.5!

2- Contribute to acne treatment

Among the benefits of ros waters for the face is that it works to get rid of excess oils on the face, and reduces the growth of bacteria that stimulate the appearance of acne.

This results in a fight against acne as a whole, thereby reducing its appearance.

3- Moisturizes your skin

Using ros water on the skin contributes to its hydration, as it penetrates the pores.

As the components of rose water are easily absorbed by the skin, thus their role in hydration is greater.

4- Reducing swelling of the face

Ros waters has anti-inflammatory and cooling properties, leaving your skin feeling refreshed.

This works to combat bloating, especially under your eyes.

You only need to put a cotton swab under each eye, after submerging it in cold rose water.

5- Suitable for people with sensitive skin

Since ros water ingredients are gentle on the skin, this makes them suitable for those who have especially sensitive skin.

The ingredients of this product help reduce redness and irritation, without any negative effects.

6- Reducing the appearance of signs of aging

There are several factors that help accelerate the aging process and the appearance of wrinkles, including exposure to sunlight, the chemicals we use in addition to our diet.

But the use of rose water rich in antioxidants rebalances levels of harmful free radicals, which accelerate the aging process.

7- Contributing to the treatment of sunburn

Since rose water has cool properties, this means that it has a role in treating sunburn.

speeds up the healing process and reduces the pain caused by it.

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