stretch marks

stretch marks

How do I get rid of stretch marks ؟

Skin problems are numerous, especially when they age, and the most common skin problems are;

The problem of red lines, which are cracks that appear on the skin,

and begin in its early stages with the formation of simple scars with a red color.

And, this problem is considered one of the annoying problems that cause a lot of

embarrassment due to the deformation of the appearance of the skin inappropriately.

Red lines in the body There are many cases that cause such lines to appear on the body,

so significant and sudden weight gain may be clearly noticeable,

as they are abundant in the abdomen, thigh, and buttocks as well,

due to increased abdominal size, and months advance Pregnancy.

Stretching of the skin appears in the form of red lines that then turn white,

which makes the skin appear uncomfortable.

the causes of stretching lines vary from case to case, and these reasons are often in :

1- The fluctuation in weight, that is, the weight gain, then the loss, then the increase again, and so on, or the sudden loss of weight.

 2- Take certain medications, especially topical medicine, for a long time or in large doses.

 3- The presence of hormonal problems, such as increasing the secretion of certain hormones in the body or changes in hormones for any reason.

4- Pregnancy and childbirth lead to stretching of the skin, to appear as red lines, and then to turn white after birth.

5- Take nutritional supplements when going to the gym, and most of these supplements are not safe, and some contain a percentage of the cortisone that causes stretching of the skin.

Treating red lines in the body These cracks do not respond to many of the treatments that work to remove or reduce them, or reduce the distortions that cause them, but they can be mitigated or improved in shape based on the color of these lines, but continuing to use the treatment reduces its effects ,

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