tooth abscess

tooth abscess

Do not neglect the tooth abscess

When the tooth becomes inflamed, the inflammation may turn into an abscess located under the tooth or under the gum, and it will be very painful. Its smell is annoying and getting rid of it difficult, so why does tooth abscess occur? What is his treatment? How can it be prevented?

What is teeth abscess?

A teeth abscess or pus under the molar is a disturbing yellow liquid and an unpleasant smell that collects in a small sac under the tooth or gums in the event of inflammation of the teeth or roots, and is in the form of a bag that contains pus, blood and capillaries. The tooth abscess is painful, makes eating difficult and bad breath, and causes swelling of the gums and cheek.

What are the causes of teeth abscess?

occurs after its decay, when inflammation and neglect of its treatment occur, and the lack of oral and dental hygiene care contributes to its development and make it worse. As for its results, the teeth abscess causes damage to the tooth, gums and nerves, which may lead to the end of feeling pain, and this is very dangerous because it urges the injured to neglect treatment Thus the condition worsens to extend to other teeth and to new areas of the gums, then the inflammation extends to the jawbone to cause damage that may not be reversible without resorting to surgery.

What are the symptoms of teeth abscess?

The teeth abscess is accompanied by a group of symptoms that vary in severity with the progress of the condition, namely:

Severe pain in the mouth area

Difficulty chewing and swallowing food

Gum and cheek swelling

Swollen glands in the neck

High temperature

Headache and pain in the face, head and neck in general

Pus coming out of the abscess cyst

Is tooth abscess a threat to human health?

The answer in short is: Yes!

In addition to being a painful inflammation that exposes the mouth, jaw, teeth and gums to damage and danger, the teeth abscess contains bacteria and inflammatory and toxic substances, so its exit to the mouth and its ingestion may lead to the spread of infection in the rest of the body and its organs, and in extreme cases the inflammation may spread to the blood causing the risk of death .

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