The problem of dark circles that appear under the eyes is widespread among different age groups regardless of gender due to several reasons.

Often this problem causes loss of self-confidence, which causes permanent anxiety.

There are many ways to treat dark circles between those medical products that are available in pharmacies and others that are available at home,

but the majority prefer to use home remedies because they are safe and less expensive than medical products.

Causes of the appearance of dark circles :

Staying up long, constantly, and not getting enough rest.

An imbalance in the immune system that leads to allergic reactions and the appearance of dark circles.

Use the computer for a long time without resting the eyes. Genetic factors and family history with dark circles.

 Pre-menstrual period for women.

 Kidney disease.


Hormone disorder..

Completely eliminate and remove dark circles Eliminate and remove dark circles completely

Tea bags: Black tea is one of the best ways to help treat dark circles and give the eye a special luster and glow,

and it is used after placing the tea bag in hot water and left to cool a little,

then placed directly on the eye and left for five minutes, and to get amazing results Keep going this way for a week.

Sweet almond oil:

almond oil has been used since ancient times to treat dark spots and dark circles as a result of

its effectiveness in getting rid of them quickly and permanently.

It is used before bedtime after washing the face with soap and water by immersing a piece of cotton in almond oil and then passing it on the dark circles.

Rose water: Rose water is recommended to be used on a daily basis on the skin, whether there are dark circles or not.

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