ليزر الكربوني و الفراكشنال

carbon or fractional

carbon or fractional

Many people are puzzled when deciding whether they need a carbon or fractional CO2 laser for facial peeling.

Which is better carbon peel or fractional CO2 laser?

Here we will show you the similarities and differences between the two types of peeling to choose what suits you best.

Fractional laser CO2 is used to treat scars and acne scars, and to beautify the effects of cosmetic and surgical procedures, while carbon laser is used to give the skin freshness that lasts for several weeks, but the results of Fractional laser CO2 continue more than the results of carbon laser.

carbon or fractional

How many sessions of fractional laser CO2 to treat scars?

The number of fractional laser CO2 sessions varies according to the patient’s condition, usually from 3 to 4 sessions, as the scars do not disappear completely, but it treats the greater part of it, and it is considered one of the best methods currently available for treating scars and the effects of cosmetic and surgical procedures.

carbon or fractional

Fractional CO2 laser side effects

A side effect of fractional CO2 laser causes white points on the skin to turn black and flake within 6 to 7 days.

What is a carbon laser?

It is a new technology that has been used to preserve the youthfulness and youth of the skin

The way the carbon laser works

It is applied by applying a cream composed of carbon molecules on the face for half an hour, then the laser beam is passed over the desired skin area, causing the carbon molecules to warm and spread over the entire skin.

carbon or fractional

Carbon laser uses

Carbon lasers are used in many cases and the most popular uses of carbon lasers are:

Reducing the size of the sebaceous glands

Get rid of skin spots

It eliminates the use of masks or skin masks

Treats contrast of skin tones

Reducing the amount of fat in the skin

Acne Treatment

How many carbon laser sessions?

Carbon laser results appear from the first session, but increase with the end of the third session, to get the best result from the carbon laser, 7 spaced sessions are recommended, for example a session per month.

carbon or fractional

Carbon laser features

It works to lighten and purify the skin

It is considered one of the best solutions for acne

It works to unify the color of the skin

The carbon laser session does not require anesthesia for the patient

It causes pain only in rare cases

Reduces skin wrinkles

It is used to remove traces of tattoos

Carbon laser benefits

Deep cleaning and purifying the skin by removing oils and impurities.

Peeling the skin by removing dead layers of skin and eliminating blackheads.

Skin rejuvenation by producing collagen, thus giving us full and firm skin while reducing the volume of lines.

Carbon laser side effects

One of the side effects of the carbon laser causes redness of the skin with little bloating for several hours, then the face returns to its normal state on the same day. Also, some cases feel slight tingling or pain. Refer to the doctor if the pain is severe.

Tips after making a carbon laser

Avoid direct sun exposure, preferably sunscreen.

Use a moisturizing cream right for your skin right after the procedure.

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