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Gout or kings disease is a disease caused by the dysfunction of the metabolism of compounds in the body, which leads to a high proportion of uric acid in the blood and the deposition of sodium salt in the joints, cartilage and muscle limbs, and causes inflammation of the joints. The first symptoms are the form of severe pain in the large finger of the foot. Bouts of the disease initially appear in one joint, but the pain may then extend to other joints. The pain attack may initially last up to a few days, but then it increases to several weeks in patients who are not seeking treatment. Without protective measures, pain attacks recur several times a year.


Gout-affected joints are more painful than those with arthritis or osteoarthritis, depending on the severity and severity of the inflammation, which in itself is very painful. Acute inflammation is accompanied by physical pressure and chemical irritation of the sensitive nerve limbs of the affected joints, and the blood vessels in the affected area become more irritated, leading to increased blood flow, blood cells try to repair the damage but at the same time cause a larger tumor that increases the pain.


What are the causes of gout?

There are several factors that can cause gout attacks

  • Genetic factor: May play a role in the causes of the disease as it has been found that the disease may affect more than one person in the same family.
  • Lifestyle and environment: Gout appears in countries with a high standard of living and well-being, for example that the disease is very rare in China and the Philippines and the newborns of this country, but it was found that in the population of the country who enjoy high standard of living, the incidence of gout also has been found to have been financed  To increase, it is therefore suggested that environmental factors play an important role in the occurrence of the disease, that eating certain foods in large quantities such as seafood, liver and meat may contribute to episodes of the disease and people who drink alcohol can develop episodes of gout.
  • The use of certain medications (e.g. diuretics) that are often used in the treatment of high blood pressure conditions where these treatments prevent the removal of urine acid from the body sufficiently, which causes the acid to accumulate in the body and can cause a bout of gout
  • Some rare diseases can cause the onset of the disease, such as blood diseases, such as leukemia or swelling disease in the lymph nodes.


Regular blood pressure testing and other analyses contribute to the protection of gout, now go to the nearest laboratory in Ram clinics to check your health.




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