Gum Contouring Surgery

Gum Surgery

Gum Contouring Surgery

Gum contouring can change the shape of gums, either by cutting away excess gums or restore receded gum tissue.

The process of gum contouring in general is to try to refine the shape of the gums by removing some of the excess tissue from the side of the teeth, which is a common method in cosmetic dentures and making them appear more consistent and attractive. Gums can be clipped in one small area or the length of all gums, depending on need and conditions.

The advantage of laser gum contouring is that it is the latest method used now to solve the problems resulting from excess of gums more than necessary. The laser helped doctors achieve great results, close to perfection in its beauty and elegance.

Laser gum contouring often accompanies the process of restoring teeth or cutting them in the form of a cosmetic treatment package for the teeth and obtaining better results, except that the only case in which doctors avoid dental restoration is limited to cutting the gums and is only small or very short teeth.

Suitable patients for laser gum contouring
Of course, all patients must be in good health, as the doctor is keen to check on the safety of the mouth and teeth, and free from inflammation, infection, caries and any other problem that may cause undesirable complications after the operation.

Gum Contouring Surgery

The best candidates for laser gum cutting are:

• People with very small and short teeth can give some length to their teeth by cutting the gums and revealing more teeth
• People with a periodontal smile who show a large part of their gums when laughing or smiling
• Owners of irregular or uneven teeth
• Those with irregular gums that cover parts of the teeth, but not others
• In the case of healthy gum problems when the doctor needs to cut the gums to get rid of sinuses or install a cowl for a tooth

All of these problems may be health emergencies or hereditary or have occurred over time and it is easy to treat them now. For more information visit your favourite dentist at Ram Clinics.

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