Hand sweat

Hand Sweat

Hand Sweat

When you meet someone you know on the street or anywhere you will immediately surrender to him and reach out to shake his hand, this is a normal behavior and wide spread among all the people in the world and this person will necessarily extend his hand immediately as an act of involuntary action and shake your hand in turn, but there are some people counting a thousand accounts before doing this, because  this Unfortunately causes them embarrassment and confuses them a lot, because they have the problem of excessive hand sweating, and this not only causes them problems in shaking hands but they suffer in many things such as writing and driving a car, and looking for a cure for this problem but before knowing the treatment we have to identify or Not on the causes of the problem: is it satisfactory or for psychological reasons.

Hand sweating is a vital process in the human body that benefits in the removal of toxins, but if it exceeds the normal limit, it means a problem in   the glands called sweat glands, which means that there is anextra secretion  of sweat than normal, due  to the incidence of certain diseases such as diabetes or diseases of the nervous system, but if none of the organic causes are present, the cause is underthe influence of strong psychological trauma or exposure For extreme psychological pressure.

To remedy this problem, cosmetic doctors recommend the use of hand moisturizers free of oils and moisturizing substances such as vaseline, as well as exercise and attention to a healthy and balanced food away from fast fatfood,  as there are  many preparations that  have recently emerged, which  depends onthe use ofchlorophyll ammonium, which slows down the process of sweating significantly.

If the problem worsens  it is necessary to resort to the competent beauty centers where the doctors advise to do regular sessions in beauty clinics and to undergo a treatment using devices that generate light electrical charges in areas of sweating with hands and this is done on regular sessions  after which the patient’s condition improves effectively and depends on sweating gradually.

Cosmetic doctors are currently inclined to treat their patients with Botox injections, but this treatment does not last in the long term as sweating returns after a year of use, so cosmetic experts recommend relying on natural safe methods even if their effect is slow but reduces the phenomenon significantly such as soaking Condemns in cold tea solution for a quarter of an hour to contain tanic acid, soak hands in a mixture of tomato juice, or resort to the smooth formula of children powder and use it on the hands at a rate of three times a week, and follow the advice of cosmetic doctors and take care of physical and psychological health and Stay away from stress and anxiety, all these steps will reduce the phenomenon and help keep your hands dry as well as dispense with expensive treatments provided by beauty centers.



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