smok affect corona

smok affect corona

 Doctors have warned against the measure of the danger of smoking on the lung of smokers, and the Corona virus targets the respiratory system in general, and the published instructions that smokers may be at greatest risk of developing this disease, the French study reveals that smokers have completed the lowest infection rate than the proportion of other patients. The US Food and Drug Administration has spoken that smoking and nicotine compounds increase the incidence of the emerging coronavirus, and in another review she made this matter in response to questions Bloomberg Agency explained that people who smoke may have a higher risk of contracting the coronavirus.

Earlier this month, it was discovered that smokers had worse diseases while developing infected with the emerging coronavirus, but they did not work at the time if smoking increased the incidence of the emerging coronavirus or not.

smok affect corona

This is this speech from the Food Administration, after it recorded around 2.5 million cases of emerging coronavirus around the world, more than 171,000 deaths, and the number of smokers around the world is more than 1.1 billion smokers, and there are about 41 million people who use nicotine products through electronic cigarettes and that smoking Cigarettes, including electronic ones, affect heart and lung disease, affect the immune system, increase the risk of respiratory infections and make it difficult to breathe.

 some say that electronic cigarettes are less dangerous, the American Food Administration cautioned against relying on this idea intact that exposing the lungs to dangerous chemicals increases the contribution of the emerging coronavirus,


smok affect corona


Scientists in the medical sector around the world have been alerted to the causes of smoking on mobile respiratory diseases, as smoking reduces the body’s ability to immune these diseases. French researchers are studying to examine nicotine patches on new Corona virus patients and occupants in the medical sector, after a study learned that smokers They may be less likely to be infected with the virus, according to researchers in the study.

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