sunscreen & summer

sunscreen & summer

The importance of using sunscreen in the summer

It is normal to want to be out in the sun during the warm summer days. But as it is known, direct exposure to sunlight definitely affects the skin negatively, especially if UV exposure has been exposed for a long time, which is the most important and main cause of melasma, freckles, wrinkles and dark spots on the skin, causing premature aging as UV rays damage cells DNA, and with repeated damage, increases the risk of skin cancer.

Benefits of using sunscreen:

Prevention of harmful UV rays.

Sunscreen actually prevents these harmful rays from penetrating the skin and causing skin disorders.

Reducing the signs of premature aging due to sun exposure.

We all love to have younger, lighter complexion and this is one of the most compelling reasons to start using sunscreen, it protects your skin from the signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines.

Reducing the risk of skin cancer.

sunscreen & summer

Wear sunscreen daily and throughout the days and months to protect your skin from the risk of various types of skin cancer. This is the worst type of skin cancer, which can threaten the lives of women,

Protection from sunburn.

Sunburn weakens your skin, and exposes it more to bruising. Your skin may suffer from frequent attacks of peeling, swelling, redness and itching, and this comes from the effect of UV rays.

Preventing skin pigmentation resulting from sun exposure

It promotes healthy skin

sunscreen & summer

When using a sunscreen, remember the following tips:

The sunblock should be applied about 30 minutes before sun exposure to get the best results, so that the skin can absorb it well.

If you are always exposed to the outdoors, you should apply sunscreen more than once and every other day.

Be careful when applying sunscreen around the eyes, as this is a very sensitive area

When choosing a sunscreen, it is recommended that it be broad spectrum, so in order to protect it from UV-A-B ultraviolet radiation and contain an SPF of at least 15.

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