Tests of of Pregnancy

Tests of of Pregnancy

Tests of of Pregnancy

Tests of last months of pregnancy are required for a pregnant woman before childbirth during the last three months of pregnancy, your doctor may recommend performing some diagnostic tests, and all of these tests are safe and have been developed to ensure the achievement of safety and security for the mother and child, and here are some of the required tests for a pregnant woman before childbirth during the last third of pregnancy and include:


  • Streptococcus group B examination

Streptococcus group B is a type of bacterium that can exist in the female reproductive system without causing symptoms, and up to 30% of healthy women can carry group B streptococcus, usually this does not cause problems. Sometimes group B can lead to serious bloodstream infection, placenta infection or urinary tract infection, and group B streptococcus can also have severe consequences for the child, which may cause serious injuries in new-borns, it includes meningitis, pneumonia and sepsis. The test is simple and involves taking a sample from the vagina and from the rectum using a cotton swab, then the swab is cultured in the laboratory to determine if group B streptococcus is present, and if the test is positive, you will be given antibiotics during labor to reduce the chances of infection in the fetus, usually a procedure is performed and the test is between 35 and 37 weeks of gestation, and it should be done in the next pregnancy even if the result is negative in the first pregnancy.


  • Electronic Fetus heart rate monitoring

The Fetus heart rate is often monitored electronically to ensure that the baby is in good health, and this type of monitoring is also performed during labor and delivery, and this examination can be done at any time after the twentieth week of pregnancy during prenatal exams.



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