blood spots eye

blood spots eye

What is the reason for the appearance of blood spots on the eye?

There are many causes that lead to the appearance of red spots in the eye, and they often fade on their own, and the appearance of these spots can be avoided through some preventive measures.

Sometimes, red spots appear in the whites of the eyes, often these spots are not painful, and do not lead to itching.

But it is preferable to go to the ophthalmologist to confirm the cause and treatment of these spots.

Causes of red spots in the eye

blood spots eye

Here are the main causes of red spots in the eye:

1- Bleeding under the conjunctiva

When a small blood vessel is broken down into the conjunctiva of the eye, the conjunctiva cannot absorb blood quickly, and thus the blood is retained.

Many times, you do not feel that you have bleeding under the conjunctiva until you notice it.

Subconjunctival hemorrhage does not need treatment, as it will disappear on its own within two weeks, but if it persists or these red spots extend, you have to go to a doctor.

2- Sneezing or coughing

Another unexpected cause of eye spots is intense sneezing or coughing. This is a result of high blood pressure in the head that is very large, but temporarily.

During this large increase in blood pressure, the small blood vessels in the eye can expand, causing the appearance of red spots.

Usually, these spots disappear after the case ends.

3- Eye trauma

Whether as a result of rubbing the eye vigorously, or entering the fingernail with it, and other similar matters, internal bleeding can occur in the eye, resulting in severe redness, and the appearance of bloody spots in it.

Also, dust in the air causes eye inflammation, as itchiness increases in the eye.

This problem is temporary and does not last long, but if the wound is deep and redness appears significantly, it is advised to see a doctor.

The risk factors for red spots in the eye

Any spots in the eye develop due to poor blood circulation, especially in people with chronic diseases such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

If the spots appear frequently, this may be an indication of a health problem such as high blood pressure.

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