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The discovery of a new virus called severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) 2 that is influencing the failure of one of the diseases that appeared in China in 2019. The resulting disease is called Coronavirus 2019

When the World Health Organization rated Corona as a major pandemic. Public health scientists, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States and the World Health Organization, are watching the pandemic and posting updates on their sites on the Internet. These groups also passed some information on disease prevention and treatment

 Corona disease or Coronavirus is one of the viruses that cause respiratory or digestive problems and is called by this name because the bumps on top of it that are similar to the crown and this virus has become isolated from the beginning in a year, and that was affecting serious inflammation of the bronchi in animals. The Corona virus, in which a person suffers from one type of cold and cold, and the work of isolating the virus that infects humans for the first time in the past, has discovered several types of corona viruses, there are some considered dangerous, and it is said that the new Coronavirus is the last of its types to discover Until this day if you want information about the emerging corona disease, and how widespread it is, you should watch the news, know its facts and prevent it,

This is a sequence on infection in the respiratory region of the Middle East, some fluctuations, including pneumonia, and consequently, the infection of the respiratory syndrome in the Middle East may affect the death of some people, as every 3 out of every ten infected people have died, and most of them were afflicted with respiratory or other problems, This is to prove the findings of current research in this field, as studies have shown that people who have weak immunity and people who suffer from health problems concurrent with the virus, for example, diabetes, cancer, chronic heart disease and other diseases that cause a lack of strong immunity in the human body, And this must be taken continuously and intensively for people with HIV and weak in the body.

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